Give Me 50 More!

BeFunky_DSCN3407.jpgThree days before my 50th birthday I go to my mail box and find an envelope from AARP. Seriously? I thought that AARP was for senior citizens…since when does 50 make one a senior citizen? I have always thought that when a person retires around the age of 65 they join the elite group of seniors. Receiving that envelope put me into a self analysis mode.

I run to the mirror and begin a thorough examination of my hair. After about a half an hour of looking at fine strands of my brunette colored hair I found a couple of gray spots. Oh no…panic sets in! What do I do? Do I call my beautician and schedule an appointment for a dye job? Do I go buy a bottle of Preference by L’Oreal? Besides the few gray hairs I’m also forced to address the issue of dryness. Nothing a good bottle of conditioner wouldn’t solve.   Before I decide what my solution will be, I carefully examine my face for wrinkles and the other signs of aging. Yes, my skin isn’t as youthful as it once was, and its true I could use some Neutrogena for moisture. It is winter after all, and my skin always gets dry in the winter. Adding the moisturizer to my mental shopping list, I continue with my self examination. Of course I have gained some extra weight through the years as well. I didn’t have to look in the mirror to figure that one out. My favorite pair of jeans told me everything that I needed to know when I couldn’t even get them snapped while laying on the bed and sucking in the gut. Faced with the dilemma of turning 50 I started thinking about the first 50 years of my life.

I was once a perfect size 5 and enjoyed going out to the bars and clubs. I played the drinking games and participated in many of the other careless activities that young adults engage in. Then something happened, I decided to get married and start my family.  None of these activities seemed to matter anymore.  Two children involved in numerous activities took up most of my free time and being the best wife and mother was all that mattered to me.

Fast forward through a divorce and raising two kids as a single mom, dating, returning to college full-time, and working sometimes 2 or 3 part time jobs to make ends meet. It all seemed to happen over night, but I woke up and found both of my kids had grown and didn’t need mom like they had when they were younger. It was again my time to enjoy a social life, going out with friends, meeting new people, and eventually meeting the man that is now my husband.

Many life changing events over the past 50 years, including the birth of 3 wonderful grand children that are my life! Why am I so concerned about a few strands of gray hairs? Does it really matter that I have signs of aging and a few wrinkles? So what if my favorite jeans no longer fit! No AARP you will not make me feel old. I will embrace being a senior with everything I have! I will continue to enjoy the things in my life that make me happy! I will love like I have never loved before! I will cherish the moments with family and friends! I will continue to chase my dreams. I welcome 50 with open arms!