Directions for wash cloth critters

I wish I could take credit for these, but back when my son, whom was born in 1984, was a baby I was given the pattern to make these. Back then they were called “Boo Boo Bunnies” because instead of a plastic egg, ice cubes were wrapped inside of the wash cloths and they were used for minor bumps and bruises. I fell in love with them then because they were so simple to make, cute and functional as well.  Here are the directions for folding the wash cloths to make both the bunny and the chick. They have a few variations but both are easy to make.

Wash Cloth BunnyLay a wash cloth out on a table and fold one corner of the rag diagonally until you reach the center of the wash cloth.  It should look similar to this: Then do the same with the opposite corner. Once you both corners folded, you should have a strip of wash cloth that looks like this: Fold the wash cloth in half and hold the two sides together. Fold both ends backwards over the top and secure with a rubber band to form the bunny ears. Now you add the embellishments to your bunny. I used wiggle eyes, pom poms, metallic cord for whiskers, and added a bow around the rubber band. I filled a plastic egg with jelly beans and slid it into the middle of the bunny. Cadbury Eggs work great for this too.


Fold both ends of the wash cloth and then form the letter “M”. hold the wash cloth so that you have what look like wings and attach a rubber band. I used pipe cleaners to make feet and the beak. Decorate any way you desire. These are lots of fun to make and kids love them!