Calm after the holiday

During the month or so leading up to Easter I had busied myself with projects to get ready for the holiday and now I find myself thinking “what do I do now?” I have several craft projects and home improvement projects to finish or begin, which ever the case may be, but I thought that I would take some time and document some of my completed Easter projects, more than anything because I want to remember how I did them, and what one’s I did so that I do not keep repeating the same projects every holiday.

This is the wreath that I made and later decided that looked too plain so I added jelly beans to it and ended up giving it a new home on my mom’s front door.

Supplies Needed:

Straw wreath

wash cloth-color of your choice

plastic egg

wiggly eyes-2 for each bunny

pom poms – 2 medium sized and 1 tiny for each bunny

floss or fishing line, or something to use for whiskers

Lima beans-if you want to add jelly beans

assorted colors of acrylic paint

1 skein of yarn of your choice

acrylic spray sealer or Mod-Podge


hot glue gun and glue sticks


Begin by gluing one end of the skein of yarn onto the wreath. Wrap the yarn around the wreath until the entire wreath is covered.If your wreath is going to have jelly beans, paint as many lima beans as you desire to add to the wreath and allow to dry. Coat with an acrylic spray finish or Mod-Podge to seal them, and attach around the wreath with the hot glue gun. Make a ribbon and attach at the top of the wreath and attach the wash cloth bunny in the center of the wreath. Attach a hanger and find a home for your wreath.

Directions for the wash cloth bunny will follow in my next blog post tonight.