A Furry Full House

   I have had several people ask me how the kittens were doing so I thought I would share a little of the fur flying excitement here. They were born in the wee hour of the morning on March 6, 2011, one day before my granddaughter Aislyn’s 3rd birthday. Jypsy was first to enter the world and she woke me up. Yes, no more than maybe a minute old, and already she knew how to get attention.  Momma cat, Jaseby, somehow made it into our bed without me noticing and gave birth to the first kitten. I felt something rub against my leg and heard the whining of the new kitten and woke up. Immediately I grabbed the sheet from our bed with momma cat and kitten wrapped in it and brought them out into the living room. I prepared a cozy little bed for the family in a large tote and waited to see if she was going to give birth to more than one little fur ball. Approximately a half an hour later little Jersey was born.  Momma Jaseby took to mothering like a real natural and stayed with the kittens. She never tried to move them out of the tote, and even to this day she still mother’s them. I guess a mother’s work is never done!

Both kittens are now eating kitten food, using the liter box like little professionals and running and jumping and playing until their little hearts are content! Jypsy is the feisty one, only allowing you to hold her for short periods of time before she wants down to go run around. Jersey is quite content being held and babied. From as far as we can tell they are both girls, if not…a cruel joke is being played on their manhood!

Candi is quite curious about the kittens. She tries to mother them until Jaseby takes notice and then the fur starts flying! Jaseby wants no part of sharing her babies with a K-nine, especially Candi!

Both kittens are just like the other furry family members that reside here, they are scared of the vacuum cleaner and will jump around and try to get away from it at all costs. It can get rather comical when they are in their cage and someone tries to vacuum the floor because they start jumping around and hit the top of the cage. They are both a bundle of joy and a great addition to our little family! Kitty daddy, stops in every day for a meal and then wants to go on his merry old way, but at least he is taking his father rights seriously and dropping in to say hi, that is whenever momma Jaseby will allow him to enter the room.