Are You Kidding Me?

     The Ohio Department of Natural Resources or whomever is responsible for posting the signs warning the public of the algae bloom in Grand Lake should be hiding their heads in shame! How many have you spotted? I recently made it my mission to find some of the signs, more out of curiousity than anything else, and what I found was unacceptable!  I checked out the area around the shelter house and over at the hot water hole and didn’t notice any warning signs at all. I drove further down Lake Shore Drive and only haphazardly found 2 small signs. They are located at Pulman Bay park,  one nailed to a bridge and one inside the small shelter area,  and with a good wind they will disappear! With a small sprinkle of rain they will be totally unreadable! The sign on the bridge is stapled to the end of it, requiring a person to walk across the bridge to see it. They are mear pieces of paper, protected only with a report sheet cover.

     I took a little cruse down West Bank Road, fully expecting to find more signs prominately displayed because of the boat launch area boy was I disappointed. At the boat launch area there are 3 signs. One is located on the bulletin board, one below a stop sign and one next to the launching area. These signs are a littl e better quality than the one’s on Lake Shore Drive, just a little.  Two of the three are printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and lamenated. They are attached to a yellow plastic background. The third sign, believe it or not, is honestly a real metal sign! The disturbing thing about that sign is the simple fact that the “alcoholic beverages prohibited” sign and the “no fires” sign are significantly larger and more visable!

     I realize that the citizens of Celina and the surrounding areas know about the algae problem and the advisories against coming into contact with the potentially dangerous algae blooms, but what about the handful of tourists that might wander into town? Do they not deserve the courtesy of being made aware of the unsafe conditions of the lake? The risks of coming into contact with the lake water should be made available to everyone! These signs should be posted in several locations and they should capture the attention of everyone, instead of blending into the background. The safety of every human being should be enough of a concern to at least have highly visible signs!

     I’m curious to know if there are any signs posted on the south or east side of the lake, and if so, are they easy to spot? If you know, please comment me! Thank You!