Diary of Our Planting Experience

We planted the following seeds on April 3, 2010: green beans and zuchinni. The first sprouts noticed on both was April 10, 2010, as of April 17, 2010 we have 71 green bean plants and 18 zuchinni plants.

We planted the following seeds on April 7, 2010: carrots, roma tomatoes, cayanne peppers, green peppers, lettuce, red beets, jalapeno’s, broccoli, cucumbers, cantalope, spearmint, corn flowers, forget-me-n0ts, babys breath, bachelor buttons, and zinnias. The first sprouts from the cabbage, cucumbers, and zinnias were noticed on April 15, 2010. As of April 17, 2010 we have 11 cucumber sprouts, 7 roma tomatoes, which were first noticed today,  broccoli 1 sprout noticed today, bachelor buttons 6 sprouts first noticed today, and zinnias 9 sprouts.

We have several more plants that have sprouted since I began this blog and are keeping a written diary. I’m excited to have cabbage sprouts actually growing in the hay bale, especially since this is the first time that I have ever taken on such an adventure. We have planted a few tomato plants here and there, but that has been about the extent of my actual gardening adventures until now.

Notice the little cabbage sprouts