Dirty Fun

Abbey and I spent most of this afternoon and evening planting seeds. We have managed to fill almost every window sill in the house, just to see what will actually grow. We noticed some sprouts from a few of the plants that we started last week. It will be a learning experience and hopefully we will eventually become gardeners. We are now in the process of making plant pokes.

Bunny Warning

This is probably the funnest part for me. We have the laminating machine out and scrapbooking materials. Popcycle sticks are working great for the actual poke part too.

This one is my favorite

If anyone has any tips on how to transplant anything, and other gardening tips, please leave them because we are grasping at straws here. It is all in fun though and we are enjoying the time spent together so that is worth it, even if we don’t get very many lil sprouts.

Artistic Abbey