Magazine Bows

I was looking for something quick and simple to do today to pass a little time and I came across a really neat idea for making bows. They are made out of strips of magazine pages.

Magazine bow

For each bow you will need one page out of a magazine, 1 brad, a hole punch, spray glue and glitter or colored sand to add some bling. Cut a page out of a magazine and cut it into nine strips approximately 3/4″ to 1″.  Make a loop at one end of a strip of paper and then do the other end.

one strip of paper looped

 Make sure that you are holding the center of the strip of paper, and have the tails of the loops on top of one another. This should give you a layer of 3. Punch a hole through the layer and slide the brad through all 3 holes.

loop ready with hole punched.

 Do this with each strip of paper and attach. Close the brad, spray with glue and decorate as desired. I think it would be cute to add a hanger and turn these into Christmas tree ornaments.