Friends Are One Of God’s Greatest Gifts

This is for my best friends, you all know who you are. It is just the unspoken truth that I don’t have to tell you. We get so wrapped up in our lives with work and family that we often don’t take the time to call one another or see each other, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other. There is this silent bond between us and we are able to pick right up from where we left off. We have shared many moments over the years, from laughter to tears, our accomplishments and our fears. We have seen each other stumble and fall, and just when we think that we have hit the bottom, a dear friend lends a hand to help pick up the pieces. I don’t have to point out all of the trials and tribulations of life, for you and I both know what each other has been through. We manage our best, even when life puts us to the test, we have our faith in God above and a friend’s dear love. Sometimes when I think that no one cares, you my dear friend are there to show me the truth. I want you to know that I thank God every day that you are my friend and will remain that way until the very end! I love you and you will always be in my heart, wheter we are together or far apart!