Busy Day

I woke up early this morning, despite the fact that I could have slept in, just to get a jump start on party preparations. Things are not going exactly as I had hoped, but I guess that is part of what makes life so special and unique. Let’s start with the home-made wedding cake icing. It always tastes so damned delicious when Becky makes it, so yesterday, when she was telling her recipe, I wrote it down. I followed her every word and wrote it down just as she explained it, so why does my icing not taste nearly as good as hers? Either she has that magic touch, or I didn’t do something right. It is still edible, but believe me, not Becky quality. I’m including the recipe, so that I can try it over and over again until I manage to get it Becky-sized.

Becky’s Cake Icing

2 pounds confectioners sugar

1 teaspoon clear vanilla

1 cup Crisco shortening


Sounds pretty fool proof right? Not wanting to run out to the grocery for more confectioners sugar, I am using the batch that I made. I added red cake coloring to give it the pink color that I wanted to achieve for the icing of the entire cake.

Pink tinted frosting

I also reserved a fair amount of the frosting to tint black to use for the decorating.

black tinted frosting

This cake is pink with black zebra stripes. I have the vanilla cake all frosted and ready to be decorated. Next on my agenda is to bake the second layer of my chocolate cake. I ran out of butter last night and didn’t want to trudge out into the cold and snow to buy more, so the dear hubby brought some home from work. Then while that is baking, I need to prepare the peanut butter icing and have it ready to go. I can’t frost the peanut butter and jelly cake until tomorrow morning because I’m not sure if the jelly will soak into the cake and create a gooey mess, does anyone know?

Putting up the decorations is also on the agenda for this afternoon, along with the trip to the grocery to buy the ingredients to make the rest of the refreshments. Add to this list, cleaning up the house, laundry, cooking today’s meals, and I this provides a full day still ahead of me, so better get busy. I will post pictures of the cake as more progress is made.