Life Styles of the Poor and Unknown…doing breakfast

FREE…The official definition of the word for this intent and purpose, according to is- provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment (, 2010).  I seen the advertisement for a FREE breakfast burrito at Taco Bell, and naturally it caught my attention. FREE is always good, right? Well let’s examine what FREE has cost me today. 

First of all, I had to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning, my day off, no big deal really, after all, I was going to enjoy some goof off time with my daughter and one of my best friend’s. None the less, I still had to drag my butt out from under the nice cozy covers. The requirement for receiving the FREE burrito was to wear your jammies to the restaurant, so I didn’t even have to hassle with getting dressed. Just ran a brush through my hair and slid my slippers on my feet.  All ready to roll. Diana soon arrives to pick us up and we head on over to Taco Bell.

Upon arriving at Taco Bell we notice that there is only one other vehicle in the parking lot. Whats this? I figured the place would be jumping! After all, they were offering something for FREE! Determined to receive my FREE breakfast burrito we head into the restaurant. We had to specifically request our FREE burrito. Now please correct me if I’m wrong, but one would assume that 3 grown women wearing pajamas into a restaurant would make a statement. I thought for sure they would have offered up the FREE burrito, but no, we had to specifically order it. Of course we automatically order a drink to go with the burrito, coffee for me and tea for my daughter. Then who can resist cinnabons? Not I, add an order of those too, and a hash brown for Abbey. Total price $5.89.

We select a spot to sit and enjoy our little breakfast, and I do mean little.  Above is the picture of the FREE burrito. The one’s they sell at McDonalds are twice the size, but I guess you get what you pay for. In all fairness, it did have a good flavor to it, even if it was just a mear appetizer. The cinnabons, totally awesome, but again small. 4 tiny cinnabon bites filled with cream cheese that oozed out the second you bit into them, creating a gooey mess on the front of my Betty Boop jammies. The coffee, well it is Seattle’s Best, but let’s just say this morning Seattle must have been at its worst. I took the lid off of the cup, like I normally do. I can’t stand drinking hot coffee out of one of those small holes in those little plastic lids. Unpon removing the lid I notice little black floaters and coffee grounds all over the side of the cup. Now, I’m not usually one to complain, but I did pay for this coffee and I should be able to at least drink it. I took it back to the counter and they asked if I would like another cup. What did they think I wanted to do? After waiting about 5 minutes as the young man gathers the materials to brew another pot of coffee, a young lady comes over and offers to bring the coffee to our table when it is ready. I go back to eat my tiny little breakfast, with the FREE burrito, and naturally by this time it is cold, and everyone else is finished with their little snack. The girl arrives at our table with the coffee as we are throwing away the wrappers from the food. Coffee to go.  Still hungry we decide to head on over to McDonalds. This time opting to use the drive thru window. Guess what I ordered…a breakfast burrito, not FREE, but by this time I have come to the realization that the best things in life aren’t always FREE!

Total cost of breakfast: Taco Bell- $5.89, McDonalds-$3.29, spending time with my daughter and friend PRICELESS!

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