Green Beer And Aging…Not a good Combination

After deciding to stay at home last night, my sister and her friend called and asked me to go out for a green beer to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. Ok, so I have to admit it, I went along willingly, with my camera in tow. I don’t leave home without it. The first place that we stopped was a little bar called Illusions. The were not selling “green beer”. The bar tender, Georgia, told us that the last time they tried to sell “green beer” they couldn’t even give it away, but she offered up some green food coloring, which we graciously declined. We ordered a fruity drink called a Midori. These were delicious! I had made my mind up that one was my limit for the evening, as I had to work in the morning. Well my sister ordered another round and of course it would have been very rude not to accept the drink. We finished those and decided to head across the street to Club 211, where things were a little more lively and festive. Nikki got her “green beer” and we sat there and people watched. The variety of personalities that walked through that door were vast!

Of course there was the typical bar tramp just wanting to go home with anyone that was even remotely interested or drunk. She made her rounds trying to body dance with every male in sight and probably a few females. The geek in the corner trying to be conspicuous, sipping his green beer, with a big ole pitcher of the green stuff was kind of amusing. He had the old fashioned black plastic glasses clinging to his nose, and just like in the movies, a hot blonde sitting on each side of him. In the center of their table were the remains of a spilt beer inching its way towards the cell phone sitting near by. At the pool table were a few older men playing pool, and of course the younger sect were making their rounds. They were all decked out in green clothing and the life of the establishment….What they didn’t know was that very shortly they were going to be outdone by three middle aged women.

The door flys open and in walks 3 women dressed to the hilts in St Paddy Day attire. One lady was playing a homemade bagpipe and they were just as cheerful as could be…the cheer kept increasing as they started drinking their green beer. I reached for my camera to take a shot of these ladies and you guessed it, dead batteries. The next best thing comes to mind, the camera on the cell phone. Those pics turned out too dark because of the lighting in the bar. Oh well, these ladies are forever etched in my memory. Unfortunately so is the last woman that walked through the door, right before we left. She had the largest hips that I have ever seen on a female. She thought she had it going on though, wearing a skin tight green tank top that showed every fat roll, and probably some that didn’t truly exist, because of the poor lighting in the bar. Oh it gets better, she was wearing a black leather mini skirt. Yes you read that right. With this skirt, which showed every conceiveable inch of her poorly taken care of body, I estimate that I could make 2 winter coats for myself. On that note I’m getting too old for this bar scene. I grab Nikki’s “green beer” warm and even nastier by now, and down it so that we can get home. Yes home where I belong on a Wednesday evening, enjoying the finer things in life such as crafting. The lesson learnt….I’m too old for green beer, on a Wednesday night, in Celina, Ohio.