National Craft Month

Today is the first day of National Craft Month and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect to celebrate than walking out to the mailbox to find a prize package of creative gifts. That is exactly what happened to me! My prize from the Pajama Party and Maria Nerius arrived today and it was filled with cute little home-made rings, a necklace and lots of other odds and ends.

To celebrate this month I’m participating in the “play it forward” craft challenge. I have to make 5 home-made items and send them to five people that posted on my facebook status. The 5 that I have are my friends Bev, Jessie, and family members Kelly and Ami and mom. I’m not sure what I am going to do yet, but I want to get everything finished and delivered this month. Also this month I plan to work each day on a craft. Since I really enjoy trying new mediums I will probably begin some of the things on my “bucket list”. Last weeks pajama party was very inspirational. They featured quilling and some of the projects that others were making were absolutely amazing! I know that I am going to start on some small quilling project, and of course I have a basket to finish. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to shot them off my way! I hope that all of my creative friends will enjoy craft month as much as I’m sure I will! Happy Crafting!