How can the youth today be expected to have integrity if adults don’t even keep their word. I know that society’s values have changed since I was younger; however, if a person has no intention of following through on something, at least have some integrity and don’t flat out lie to my face. I applied for a position and was told by the person doing the hiring that I would be given the opportunity for an interview. This week I find out that someone else was hired for the position, and no, I was never given the opportunity to even interview. This is very upsetting because I have been employed at this place for 9 years now, and all I asked for was an interview. I feel my education and experience would have spoken for itself. I’m not saying that I’m better qualified for the position, but I feel that I should have at least been given the chance to “sell myself”  If she had no intention of giving me an interview, then why tell me that she would? The lady that I’m referring to is almost 70 years old. I’m sure she was raised to be honest, and I would have more respect for her if she had either not told me that she would interview me, or at least have had the common courtesy to let me know that she had filled the position. This is one more thing on a list of many that is giving me even more determination to find employment at another company. Had to vent and that is one of the reasons I started this blog.