Best Under Pressure

Every time I plan a party or get together I tell myself that I should start getting things ready ahead of time, but as usual I find myself procrastinating and the day is here before I know it! Today is a prime example. I’m hosting a “Sandwich Revolution” party that I was selected to do by house I have been looking foward to hosting an event and I’m thrilled that the opportunity has finally happened. So what is my problem? I’ sitting here on the internet when I should be cleaning the house, and preparing the refreshments that I can make ahead of time. Will I get this completed prior to my guests arriving? Yes, I know I will. The sudden burst of energy will hit and I will be like a whirlwind whipping throughout our entire home! I wonder though, why am I the way I am? I know that I’m not lazy, but yet I tend to procrastinate. I wonder if a person is just born with a procrastination gene. Hmmmmmm…. maybe I will research that when I have some free time. I know that my mom is not that way. She is a go getter, getting things done well ahead of schedule. She actually arrives on time to her appointments and I’m fashionably late. Well ok, you got me there, maybe not ” fashionably” but I’m usually late. I guess that is another “needs improvement” spot in my being that I have the power to address and control. Yes, I must research this and see what I can learn about the “procrastination gene” and how to best improve on it.