Baby Gift and Split Peas

Last evening I attended Craft-Tastic Live on Face Book hosted by Andrea Currie and believe me, my creative side really took control of my entire being. The ideas began to flow as I watched Andrea making home made embellishments and seeing what others ideas were.

After work today, I needed to make a trip to Wal-Mart for a baby gift.  I found a very cute dress for Jazmine and of course went to the stationery section to purchase a gift bag and card. Being that close to the craft department was way too much for me to handle. So what would it hurt if I just glanced around for a few moments? I had made a mental note last night of the supplies that I would need to try my hand at making some of the embellishments, so of course I found myself grabbing “Alene’s Quick To Dry Tacky Glue”, a bottle of “Alene’s No Sew Fabric Glue” (this was for yet another project that I seen on the internet and knew I had to try), and last but not least I made a bee-line for the grocery department. I had to pick up those split peas. My poor daughter looked at me quite puzzled and asked why I was buying the bag of peas. Of course I had to reassure her that we were not going to eat them. That would have been torture for her to even think about putting split peas in her mouth. I told her that they were for a craft project. Again, confused look, but then she shrugged it off, “oh well, it’s just Mom” I could almost hear her thinking that.

     Now we are back at home and I’m anxiously looking at my newly purchased treasures. I have to take Josh to work and get ready to go meet the new baby and see my friends, which I am looking forward to, but at the same time the creative side of me is just going stir crazy because I don’t have the time to begin on a project untl later on this evening. With that being said, I will post my progress later on tonight. Have a great day and remember when someone sees me purchasing something out of the ordinary for my personality, it is probably for a craft project.