Procrastinator’s Motivation List

     After listening to “Inspired at Home” radio last night, hearing about the bucket lists that others have created, I decided it would be a very interesting, fun, and possibly beneficial thing to do myself. I can add to the list as I see fit and catagorize it as well, so here goes:


  • Learn to crochet-This may sound easier than it actually is because I’m left handed.
  • Zentangle-Again, after listening to “Inspired at Home” radio, I’m left with the urgent need to try something new. I took the first step and started researching Zentangle and I think it will be creatively stimulating, as well as relaxing.
  • Quilting-I plan to start with the basics and hope to master at least a square by the end of the year. I give credit for my urgent desire to quilt to my friend and co-worker Mary. She makes the most beautiful quilts that I have seen!
  • Calligraphy-I have had the desire to try this for many years now, and when my daughter-in-law read that on one of my FACEBOOK status updates she went out and bought me calligraphy pens and paper.
  • Quilling-I also have had the desire to try this for some time now, and I have found some very informative websites on the subject, so now I need to go and gather up the needed supplies.
  • Organizing the craft room
  • Set up ETSY store
  • Set up at a few craft shows this year


  • Learn French-I have always had the desire to learn another language and a friend that I made on FACEBOOK offered to help me learn her native language. Boy Maria you have your work cut out for you!
  • Finish the Bible correspondence school that I started at the end of last summer. I only have 7 more chapters and I will receive my certificate.


  • Get the dental work finished
  • Add more exercise to my daily life

This is my personal list for 2010. I have many more things that I hope to achieve in my lifetime and I am going to list them, and of course prioritize them. Until then…I have enough to start working on.