Hello world!

Greetings Friends! I’m a 45 year old mom to Dustin and Abbey, mother-in-law to Krista, and grandma to 3 year old Tristan and 2 year old Aislyn. I’m happily married to Josh and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
     Crafting and party planning are a very important part of my life. Much of my time not at work or sleeping is consumed by the creative process. I enjoy all types of crafts from scrapbooking, cross stitching, plastic canvas to recycled crafts. When I’m not crafting one can either find me in the kitchen baking, cooking or making candies, or with a pen in my hand writing short stories, poetry or pen pal letters.
     I also love the great outdoors and can often be found sitting around a campfire or laying under the stars. My husband and I love to pack up the car with the tent and coolers and head out camping. He can be found with his metal detector in hand and I am there with my camera, avidly taking pictures of everything from the coin that he just dug out of the ground to the baby rabbit that just scurried by.
     I’m the type of person that enjoys a new challenge and will give almost anything a try, at least once. Well except when it comes to food. Enough about me, if you would like to know anything, feel free to ask.